Harmony Korine is credited as gaffer on the 1996 ABC-TV special David Blaine: Street Magic, which he told The Guardian in 2003 (here) was "just a title I chose because I liked the word." On the subsequent special, 1998's David Blaine: Magic Man, in which Korine can be seen for an instant, he is credited as segment director. His general role in these productions he explained in The Guardian interview published September 23, 2003:
I'd just come and hang out with him, as kind of someone to consult. Most of that stuff was just experimental. There wasn't any plan, we'd just try things and see what got a good reaction.
Both Street Magic and Magic Man are available on DVD in the US on David Blaine - Mystifier (R1) and in the UK on David Blaine - Fearless (R2).

More recently, Korine was credited as 'Magic Consultant' on David Blaine: Dive of Death, which aired on ABC-TV on September 24, 2008.