Fight Harm is an abandoned film project that originates from 1999. The premise of Fight Harm was explained by Harmony Korine in an interview published with Venice Film Festival Review that was publishedSeptember 7, 1999:
I go around provoking passers-by, trying to start a fight while the video camera follows me and films everything. It's very brutal -- I've already broken a collar bone and been arrested. The punches and kicks are all real, it's one of the most disgusting things you'll ever see. I wanted to push humour to extreme limits to demonstrate that there's a tragic component in everything.
Filming for Fight Harm took place in Manhattan, New York, with a camera crew headed by David Blaine. The production was halted at one time while Korine served at least one prison sentence for offences related to the film. Later the project was abandoned entirely as a result of extensive injuries sustained and Korine's own underestimation of the length of fights.

Footage from Fight Harm is believed to have been exhibited at some point at the Alleged Gallery, New York. Photographs of injuries receiving during production were also reportedly featured in an issue of the US skateboarding magazine Trasher.
Harmony Korine, interviewed by the New York Press, September 29, 1999:
I would go around with a camera crew, and the only rules were that I couldn't throw the first punch and the person I was confronting had to be bigger than me. Because that's where the humour comes in. It wouldn't be funny if I was fighting someone my size. They had to be bigger than me, and no matter how bad I was getting beat up -- unless I was gonna die, that was the rule, unless I was like passed out and they were still killing me -- they [the camera crew] couldn't break it up. Because that's were the comedy comes in as well.