In 2003, from May 27 to July 5, a solo exhibition of work by Harmony Korine was on display at Galerie du Jour agnès b in Paris, France. The exhibtion was Korine's second there, following The Sigil of the Cloven Hoof Marks Thy Path in 2000 (May 27 - June 16). On display at the 2003 show were over thirty new pieces, as well as work from The Bad Son (1998) and Pass The Bitch Chicken (2002).

Amongst the new items were script drafts, two plate-glass tables filled with what seemed to be random photos of Korine in Japan (with friends, fans, etc), and drawings directly on the walls, as well as sketches of Osama Bin Laden masturbating, dressed as Mickey Mouse and posing with E.T.

Available for free at the gallery's bookstore at the time were flyers with Korine's book, music and film recommendations for the store.

Galerie du Jour agnès b press release:
The Galerie du Jour agnès b. will host, for the second time, an exhibition of the works of American artist Harmony Korine. Film maker, writer and visual artist, 29 year old Harmony Korine is now an emblematic artist of his generation. His encounter with agnès b. five years ago was the start of a stimulating friendship.