Vespertine, the fourth album by Björk, features a collaboration with Harmony Korine, who contributed lyrics to the song Harm of Will (co-written with Björk and Guy Sigsworth). The album was released on August 28, 2001.

Although Harm of Will is the first known collaboration between Korine and Björk, the two have been friends for several years prior, even attending the Rotterdam Film Festival 1998 together hand in hand. Björk also thanks Korine in the linear notes to the Dancer in the Dark soundtrack (2000), which read: "I felt fierce support from Harmony," among others.
The lyrics for Harm of Will, as they appear in the album linear notes:
If there's a troubador washing
It is he
If there is a man about town
It is he
If there is one to be sought
It is he
If there are nine shes
They are bought for me

This way is as is she
And he placed her unclothed longlegged
On top of the family tree

And if he has chosen the point while she is
under him
Then leave her coily placed crouched sucking him
For it is I
With her on knee

I leave her without pith or feel
And leave her be
Leave her be
For he controls what there´ll be
He makes his face known to none
For if he is seen then all will
And all will know
Know me