The Sun City Girls album Carnival Folklore Resurrection #11/12 (2004) features a message from Harmony Korine left on the answering machine of band member Alan Bishop. The track is titled Straight Outta The Mental Ward. The CD was first released in a limited number of 400 but later was given a second and final release of 600. The album also features the track Nibiru, which was used in Above the Below (2003).

Ease Down the Road, singer-songwriter Will Oldham's second album under his Bonnie 'Prince' Billy moniker, features an appearance by Harmony Korine on the track A King at Night. Korine contributes backing vocals and shouting to the song. The album was released on March 19, 2001.

The inside sleeve of James William Hindle's self-titled album from 2001 features photography by Harmony Korine.

Gummo features music by Harmony Korine performing under the name Puerto Rican Crime.

K.K.K.K.K., the second album from Japanese singer Kahimi Karie, features the track Harmony Korine, written by Momus and Tomoki Kanda. The album was released on August 25, 1998.

The lyrics for Kahimi Karie's Harmony Korine are as follows:
Cryogenically frozen

To Bel Air in a Beetle car
Meet a newly reviving star
Tabletalk in the candlelight 'til four
The star has heard of the loungecore trend
From a few San Francisco friends
But I tell him that trend ended last year

People who can ride the wave
People who are old but brave
People who can stay in shape
Look great
People who have style to spare
And who wear ironic flares
People who would rather die than bore

And how did you remain so cool?
You signed your name and sold your soul
I guess you froze yourself, so cool you're truly cold
What's so disgraceful about growing old?

David Cassidy's stallion farm
Donny Osmond is on my arm
He's lost some hair and he's lost some charm
Tony Bennett, Zsa Zsa Gabor
Staying relevant is like war
Who got killed and I wonder what it's for?

People who can swing for weeks
With tongues held firmly in their cheeks
Even when their own careers, look bleak
People who are all the rage
And refuse to quit the stage
People who would rather die than age

Did cool help you survive the cull?
The Palace Coup... who did you kill?
And when you write your will
And when you quit the scene
Will you ever hear of Harmony Korine?

Cryogenically frozen

Wrapped in a glaze of 100% pure irony
Sanctified by fashion magazines
Can't you see they're laughing at you laughing at you laughing at yourself, old man
But that's the game you choose to play
Yeah, I've heard your shit, that's old shit, man
We're living in a different time, time for a little originality, time for a little individuality
Why not try, why not try a little experimentation for a change?
Why not try living a little closer to the edge for a change?
Be brave enough to run the risk of failure because without failure there is no way in to the great adventure you've got to be able to crash the plane and walk away
Termination of our tolerance for your anecdotes, old man
Tell it to St. Peter
How you put down Michael Caine, how you blew up James Bond
Save your breath
Quit the scene
Save your breath
Quit the scene
Did you ever hear of Harmony Korine?