Pass the Bitch Chicken is a collaboration between Harmony Korine and the painter Christopher Wool that was published as a book by Holzwarth Publications in the US on July 2, 2002.

Holzwarth Publications press release:
The result of a collaboration between the filmmaker Harmony Korine and the painter Christopher Wool, this series of experimental images tests the limits of the pictorial and the abstract, pushing the boundaries of visual and textual narrative to extremes. Korine's photographs form the basis of an intense process of layering, drawing, overprinting and photocopying as each image is passed back and forth between the artists until the images are reduced to ghostly shadows beneath a barrage of scumbled dot-screens, random patterning and symbolic blurs and drips. Gradually the fragmented, distorted images serially mutate, attacked by a combination of mechanical and human processes, yet despite the violence exerted upon it, a vestige of narrative always survives.
Excerpts from the book can be seen here.